Boutique Whitening,

Professional Teeth Whitening.

At Worsley Dental Centre, all of our dental professionals are fully trained to provide FDA approved Boutique Whitening. We believe in using the best teeth whitening system on the market, which is proven to give patients a brighter long lasting smile.

Only qualified dental professionals can legally provide Boutique Whitening treatments. Whitening done by hair-dressers, beauticians and other unqualified individuals gives poor results and can often result in severe pain and disfigured injuries.

Ethical dentistry is the most important core value at Worsley Dental Centre. You can trust that our team of professionals will give you the best possible treatment care and advice. We believe in making lasting changes.

Based just 14 minutes from Manchester city centre, Worsley Dental Centre has onsite free parking. Our warm welcoming practice and friendly staff are here every step of the way to answer any of your questions.

Starting from £299

What Is Boutique Teeth Whitening? 

Boutique Whitening by Day is a 6% hydrogen peroxide gel. Hydrogen peroxide is inherently unstable and will break down immediately when you place in the whitening trays. The majority of the peroxide will be spent within the first 20 minutes of wear, but to get the full effect of the gel, we recommend at least 1 to 1.5 hours of wear time.

Boutique by Night has several different protocols all designed for a minimum of 4 hours’ wear time, but preferably to be kept in overnight, so you can whiten as you sleep.

Why Choose Boutique Teeth Whitening?

At Worsley Dental Centre we use ISO and FDA approved Boutique Day & Night Whitening System. Manufactured in the USA. Boutiques precision engineered gels make it a whitening experience like no other. Only qualified dental professionals can legally provide Boutique Whitening treatments.

In recent times there has been a surge in online cheap teeth whitening kits. These usually are effective for only a short period of time and can have negative side effects leaving damage to your oral health. We advise always seeing a dental professional for teeth whitening to make sure you don’t have any underlying oral health issues.

Who is right for teeth whitening?

  • You have yellow coloured teeth.
  • You have grey coloured teeth.
  • You are looking to improve the shade of your teeth.
  • You are having a composite bonding procedure.

Brighten Your Smile!

Boutique Whitening is tried and tested to produce the best teeth whitening results on the market. When it comes to your teeth, don’t gamble using cheap ineffective products. The key benefits after treatment are:

  • Patients have a brighter smile.
  • Patients can speak with confidence
  • Patients have noticeable differences in shade. 
  • Patients can smile again.
  • Patients feel a surge in confidence!

Treatment Journey

Step 1

Consultation - Your dentist will carry out a full dental examination to assess the overall health of your mouth. Once you pass the dental examination your dentist will then explain your teeth whitening options.

Step 2

Impressions - Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and your moulds will be sent to the Boutique Whitening laboratory, where your bespoke, custom-fit whitening trays will be made.

Step 3

Fitting - Your trays will be fitted at the practice and you will be shown how to use the whitening syringes and how long to wear the trays. Expect to see results within a few days, with optimum results in around 3 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is teeth whitening safe?
How many appointments do you need for teeth whitening?
Do I need to continue with teeth whitening treatment after I have started?
Can people under the age of 18 have teeth whitening?

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