Teeth Whitening

From: £299


At Smart Dental Care, we use ISO and FDA approved Boutique Day & Night Whitening System. Manufactured in the USA, Boutiques precision engineered gels make it a whitening experience like no other. Only qualified dental professionals can legally provide Boutique Whitening treatments.

With many kits available on the market to apply at home, it’s easy to get caught up in the cheap & easy methods of whitening your teeth. However, if not applied properly, home whitening kits can cause burning to the gums and unbalanced whitening of the teeth.

To ensure that we provide the best whitening products, we use Boutique Whitening. The premium whitening kit used for Models, TV Personalities, Celebrities & more. This whitening treatment is applied by a trained professional, which also comes with your very own specialised whitening retainer, moulded specifically for your teeth.

By combining the premium whitening gels & the personal retainer, Boutique Whitening is the only choice for Teeth Whitening.

Key Benefits

1) Fast results, which are visible in less than a week.

2) Viscous formula that eliminates wash out from saliva.

3) Long lasting results with optimum performance.

“Why Worsley Dental Centre? Because they are amazing, it’s as simple as that! From the moment I went on to the website, the ease of the booking system. The staff are warm, friendly, accommodating and I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Eden Thomas - Influencer

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